What football’s all about : Yeovil V Charlton

Take a step back. There are 92 teams in the football League, less than a quarter of them in the Premiership. Outside the handful of global brands that can sell out any stadium or sell some fake replicas in a Cairo bazaar, the remaining teams represent their communities. Charlton‘s a nice place, the Valley a great ground, their fans a proper bunch with whom we had a drink last year when Yeovil were narrowly beaten as a result of a dubious penalty.

If you listen to 606 and other phone ins , you’d be forgiven for thinking that on a Saturday, only three or four matches matter. To the 5000 odd who went to the Huish on Saturday, the match mattered. Yes it was bitterly disappointing to lose to an injury time goal (a good one) and to twice concede the lead in a pulsating game of football, but I didn’t see too many scowling faces on the green and white army as we made our way home to our boxing day suppers.

Yeovil are fighting relegation. Of the last nine home games I’ve seen, we have not one won and lost seven. There is little weight of expectation on the player’s shoulders but they play with a committment that is usually absolute ( I gather the Fleetwood performance was an aberration). When we field our strongest side we are competitive but we have not the depth in our squad to withstand injuries and red cards and we’ve had plenty of both this season.

Charlton fans are used to better. They’ve seen their team in the Premiership and I expect they will again. The thousand or so who turned up yesterday are the core of the club. They will have every right when they return to the top flight to feel proud that they kept the faith.

You can and (if you are a Yeovil fan you probably will read the various match reports from Chris Sweet from  Ben Barrett and on Ciderspace. I’m not going to add my amateur thoughts other than to congratulate the players and managers for putting on a splendid game played with passion and in the best of spirits. Well done the ref and the linos too.

I’ve no doubt that there were better sporting events, boy I’d have loved to watch Kauto Star yesterday afternoon, but there is little that could have bettered my day than Yeovil 2 v Charlton 3.

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