Ich am of Irlaunde

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Ich am of Irlaunde I am of Ireland
Ant of the holy londe of irlande And of the holy land of Ireland
Gode sir pray ich ye Good sir, I pray thee
For of saynte charite For saint charity
Come ant daunce wyt me Come and dance with me
Wyt me in irlaunde

We arrived in Dublin in monsoon conditions. A county’s economy under water – within expectations, a country underwater…?

What is it about Ireland and Iceland? Both are countries that I’ve spent much time in, whose people I like and whose economies suffered as much as any from the excesses of the first years of the millennium.

I haven’t been back to Iceland this year but from what I’ve heard from speaking to my friends out there, they are taking great strides back to self determination. I had expected that.

But the spirit of the Irish in this magnificent place is something to behold. Last night in Malahyde I watched a cross-section of Dubliners setting about their business with a purpose and goodwill that belied the tales of woe that I’ve heard in London.

A quarter of me is Irish -the best quarter!

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