Connections matter but people matter most!

Take a look at the picture

Two 12 year olds locked in a struggle for a try.

I was sent it by a friend because the lad in the scrum-cap is mine.

I’ve often wondered about the other lad, his face caught at the moment before he explodes into the tackle.

I asked Olly (my son) if he knew the other boy,

“just some random kid”

Yesterday morning I was meeting with a pensions manager, someone I’d met through mallowstreet. We’d had a useful discussion establishing where our organisations might work together when our conversation turrned to families.

We both had kids at local schools, both had thirteen year olds, both played rugby- on the wing.

As it happened it wasn’t her son but the kid who played on the opposite wing .. but somehow I fealt a connection had become a friend.

You can have as many connections on social media as you like. But its not the connecting but what happens next that counts!

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