Vuvuzelas-let ’em blow

South Africa’s World Cup organising chief Danny Jordaan may ban vuvuzelas from inside stadiums after complaints from broadcasters and supporters. -BBC

 The proposers for banning Vuvuzelas include Europeans who don’t like having to play with the din of these high pitched horns- some members of the French party have complained that they can’t sleep properly at night.

Well I hope Danny Jordaan doesn’t ban Vuvuzelas.

 This wonderful article Culture Wars | Laduuummaaaaaaaaa! celebrates the impact the World Cup is having on South Africa and the impact South Africa is having on the world.

My old boss (South African) lives and works in Joburg, I asked him what he thought of these things..he reminded me of his investment mantra “diversification is the one free lunch” and made the salient point that you can’t embrace diversity on a pick and mix basis.

Anyone who has been watching Jonathan Dimbleby’s wonderful programs on Africa on Sunday night will be familiar with the continuing rape of Africa’s resources. Western (or Eastern) investment in Africa has always come at a high price and that price is regularly paid by local populations.

Listening to 5 live this morning I heard Nicki Campbell interview some random guy in South Africa. The guy told Campbell he didn’t mind who won as long as they were African, Campbell retorted “does that mean I should be supporting a European team if England is knocked out” the guy laughed and replied “I dunno-that’s up to you”- exactly.

Africa is showing the rest of the world that it has more than platinum and copper to offer and we should listen very closely to the noise behind the Vuvuzelas!

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