Vuvuzelas-let ’em blow (via Henrytapper’s Blog)

Vuvuzelas-let 'em blow South Africa's World Cup organising chief Danny Jordaan may ban vuvuzelas from inside stadiums after complaints from broadcasters and supporters. -BBC  The proposers for banning Vuvuzelas include Europeans who don't like having to play with the din of these high pitched horns- some members of the French party have complained that they can't sleep properly at night. Well I hope Danny Jordaan doesn't ban Vuvuzelas.  This wonderful article Culture W … Read More

via Henrytapper's Blog

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  1. let them blow, let them blow, let the orinoco flow… but do you know where they come from? no, NOT the fake explanation using pictures of d*ck supports used by africans – the real thing

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