New Tricks- fiddling the costs of police officer’s pensions.

It’s alright- it’s ok – it doesn’t really matter if you’re old and grey…

Yes it bleedin does, Guv.


It’s alright – it’s ok-it doesn’t really matter someone else is going to pay…

According to the Pensions Policy Institute the annual cost of providing pensions to members of the Police Pension Scheme has risen by 50% from £1.3bn in 2004-05 to £2bn in 2008-09. This is as a result of benefits now costing 35% of pay given that the average police officer retires at an average age 51.3.

MAMMA MIA- here we go again!

The Greek nation is on its knees going cap in hand to the IMF for £50bn. Meanwhile Towers Watson (the Government’s favourite indpendent actuary) reckons the cost of our unfunded public pension promises stands at £1200bn – £430bn more than the Government’s official estimate.

Put another way, this particular pension black hole is nearly nine times bigger than the black hole that is bankrupting Greece.

Greece’s problems result from a failure of Government to face up to- own up to- and do anything about the black holes in their public finances.

All three pary leaders promise us straight talking and a new deal with words like “transparency ” and “openess” being strewn like confetti.

WE are not getting much straight talking or openess on this …wonder why?

If this article  is a little hard to digest, here is a nice picture of a retired police officer who has put up a bird box that looks like a speed camera and is doing wonders to keep traffic under control in his local community.

Thank you Daily Mail.

Bird lover: Retired policeman Bill Angus with the bird box, which he says only looks like a speed camera by coincidence

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