History under my bum – why the City of London’s the place to be!

As readers of this blog should know by now, I am a very enthusiastic resident of the City of London , Though I don’t participate in the pomp and ceremony of the livery companies or climb the slippery pole from ward councillor to mayor, I get stuck in to the delights that City of London life can bring to its residents and visitors.

The Corporation of London, to whom I pay my council tax, offers a great deal to me. The Lord Mayor’s show, the new street plan, the regeneration of Smithfield and the new London Museum are making the City a better place to live. Much of the improvement goes on under my eyes and – to my dismay – a lot of it – I never notice! Take this information that I only discovered because it was at the top of my linked in feed.

Last summer, the City of London implemented a temporary project, titled: ‘From the Thames to Eternity’ in seven locations across the City, from the Millenium Bridge approach to the Smithfield area.

The installation is made of 58 granite stones salvaged from the Riverside Wall and aims at providing seating, as well as celebrating the role of stone in the City’s creation and stimulating discussion about reuse of materials and circular economy in the built environment.

We would love to hear your views on whether we should focus on delivering more projects like these in future. so please follow the link to a short survey if you would like to share them: https://loom.ly/AhKsztA

I’ve sat on these granite stones , my buttocks have been cooled by them , my legs eased by them and yet I thought nothing of them

 Frankly I’m disappointed in myself for not having picked up on the provenance or even the presence of these fine lumps of stone. I thought they were attempts to keep terrorists from mowing us down.

I’ve completed the survey and told the corporation how much I appreciate their efforts.

The survey is now live until 30th November.

You can also learn more about the project here: https://loom.ly/v-eOGPA

History everywhere

I visited the townhouse of one of my few genuinely wealthy acquaintances recently, to discover his basement uses the wall of what was the Roman quay on the river Thames to guard against slippage of the townhouse above down Laurence Poultney Hill.

History is everywhere in the City and I love it. Even when history is under my nose , I miss it. Living and working in the City of London is an experience like no other. It is why the City is infinitely superior to the nouveau West End and the plastic Canary Wharf

And don’t get me started on the churches.



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  1. Nicely said sir! And, I appreciate the share!

  2. conkeating says:

    And there I was thinking a fly-tipper had been busy!

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