Pension actuary goes viral on tic-toc

Peter Tompkins

For all the talk among NextGen about “engagement” on social media, the first pensions media superstar turns out to be a 60 year old pensions actuary who lives in a Clock Tower.

When Peter Tompkins was approached by an influencer to showcase his flat in St Pancras, he couldn’t have expected to have had over 5m views in the week – and 300,000 likes.

I met Peter at a pensions event earlier this week. He admitted to being a little annoyed to have his house price advertised to all and sundry, but heh! – that’s Zoopla.

He is not the kind of maven you’d expect to find on Tic-Toc but I think he’s the real deal, an authentic gent.

@jublondon £2,400,000 Kings Cross London Home #rent #london ♬ original sound – Jub London

And in case you think that social media is all about trolling , check out some of the comments that Peter gets for his sharing his flat with @jublondon

My favorite though is

I like a man who hasn’t let success go to his clothes!

Peter is hugely generous with his flat as Kieran points out. People get to play and record there for free as many of the musicians point out in “comments”.

We had a special meal with him just as we came out of Covid and it’s an unforgettable place.

His concerts are legendary, you can watch them via the City Music Foundation’s website on this link,

And yes, he is the Tompkins of the Tompkins university ratings.

Well done Mr Tompkins – all of us in pensions are very proud of our media superstar!

Peter’s stats are climbing even higher than he is

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