The evolving pension endgame discussed on Thursday

Hot on the heels of his appearance at Pension PlayPen on Tuesday, Shalin Bhagwan will be appearing with me and an expert panel discussing off balance sheet solutions for DB schemes.

On the other side of the argument will be Adam Davies, whose K3  announced today another complete buy out (£4m) of a solvent but small pension scheme. That should make for an interesting discussion point.  Rebecca  a professional trustee with Vidette is also keen on the buy out route but expect some nuance. Steve Hodder of LCP completes an interesting panel, Steve’s firm LCP has made it clear they want the PPF to provide full protection of benefits to trustees who pay a super-levy for the privilege.  The PPF have not welcomed this initiative.

This should be a really great session, aided and abetted by me as Chair. My views are that superfunds are the way forward and that if TPR can’t pull their finger out to make them commercially viable, we should pursue master trust aggregation with capital backed journeys releasing employers where the balance sheet needs to be freed of the pension albatross

It’s part of a virtual conference being organised by Stephen Glover – the full agenda for which is below.

I find these events well worth the time and let’s face it, we can multi-task in the pm can’t we!

So here’s the agenda. If it takes your fancy, there’s still time to register.

If you want to join the event (virtually) you can find

registration details here


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