Bet on England to win the world cup


Ella Toon after scoring the first goal yesterday


Until recently , England were favorites to win the world cup, but no longer. You can get slightly better odds on Spain.

If you don’t think the final will go to extra time (discounting the draw) , you can get 2-1 on England to win

I’m backing England to win, I’m not doing the emotional hedge of winning financially if my time loses (by backing Spain). My little blue beer token (which won’t buy a beer except in Weatherspoon’s) is down.

All the xenophobic clap-trap about Australia begone! I’m having lunch with my mate Tsalos today, I love him as much today as I did yesterday. This tournament is not about nationalism but about competitive sport and it’s absolutely brilliant.

It’s a game-changer

in 2014, Australia played Brazil in front of no-one, less than ten years later , the game yesterday had the highest viewing figures for any sporting program since records began (2001).

This game of football is changing attitudes about women and not before time. I’m talking about people like me, men who are getting on a bit are moving on a bit.

If you want to bridge the gender pay gap and shame nations and organizations that suppress women, then sport is as good a way as any to do it. If you want to change hearts and minds, get people to watch what’s going on in Australia at the moment.

Bet on England to win the world cup – here’s why

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