How to watch the Pension PlayPen video you missed!

A lot of people ask to see the videos of Pension PlayPen coffee mornings (including me!).

Here’s yesterday’s. You can fast forward the chat at the beginning (Steve G NB)

Thanks to Bobby and Simon and Stefan, especially to Simon for stepping in at short notice.

They are all available from – click events and there they are.

But don’t forget, being there live allows you to ask questions, put your point of view and chat to the others on the call. That’s why it’s like a coffee morning.

These things happen every week on a Tuesday at 10.30 am and I’m delighted they do!

Pension PlayPen has been going as a site 10 years (this week) , as a linked in group we’re even more ancient. Wish us luck and thanks for all the donations that keep us doing all this stuff for free!

Pension PlayPen is 10 years old this week- here’s our original poster!



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