We can equalise opportunities but we cannot equalise genders

The gender gap is about gaps in opportunity and reward. It is real and to be taken seriously. However, the battle of the sexes, that has been raging for millenia, has a history of good humour about it.

I write a lot but sometimes bin what I write, because I worry about causing offence.

I would like to write more blogs that are funny – but funny is what Berthold Brecht called “laughing in church “. “Church” these days includes  anything about which people have convictions. When blasphemy extends to joking about sexual equality then we have handed the Karma Police unlimited power. We should be careful about that.

Recently I wrote a blog about kitchens being the new Lamborghinis and it looks like I was sexist in suggesting that women had won the argument on how to spend the household tax-free cash.

I admit that general comments about cars and kitchens are in line with racial stereotypes but I would plead simple defences. Firstly that I have no car and have recently argued that owning petrol or diesel engined cars is bad news.

Secondly, my limited market research suggests that women are more interested in kitchens than Lamborghinis and men more interested in Lamborghinis than kitchens.

I call on Michelle Sutton to speak on behalf of women and their love of kitchens.

I call on Al Rush , Steve Groves and Adrian Boulding to speak on behalf of men and fast cars.

I call on Nick Cave to not give a flying f*ck


The Red Hand Files
ISSUE #246 / JULY 2023
I read and listen to what you have to say a lot as I value your intellect and empathy hugely. But, there are a lot of repeat questions, and I want to know about the everyday things that you do. So, here are three simple questions:

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate?
Who cooks in your house?
Who does the cleaning in your house?


Dear Lauren,

Thank you for your kind words, but before I answer Id like to let everyone know that I am now back in the studio finishing the new Bad Seeds record. I will continue to read all the letters that come in, and will be with you in spirit, but my replies may not be that regular or very expansive over the next few weeks. And so, with that in mind, to your three simple questions, Lauren –


Do I believe in the concept of a soulmate?

Yes, absolutely.


Who cooks in my house?

My soulmate.


Who does the cleaning in my house?

My soulmate.


Love, Nick


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