Dancing in the Park – the Boss turns it on!

This is a Springsteen review, but it’s also my memory of a great day spent with my partner, with friends and with 80,000 people who got a gig and a half.

My story started yesterday lunchtime when I went with folks from Heywood for a business lunch at Beppes.( It’s the best place in the City) – because of these two and their kids.

It turned out that the Beppes team were going to see the Boss too and we met up again watching the Chicks. We went dancing in the park.

Though there were 80,000 of us, John Tsalos found us front of stage. It was that kind of do!

We nearly bumped into the Boss too!

If you are – or aren’t familiar with Springsteen the performer , enjoy this!

He played a different set from Birmingham, no “Wild Innocent and E-street Shuffle”, no “Waiting on a Sunny Day”. Instead , Darlington County and Working on the Highway”.

Darlington County was played wearing or waving a red hat taken from the audience in front of me. It was returned by the Boss before returning to the stage

Apart from screwing up the start of Badlands , this was exemplary stuff – right down to the Ukraine guitar Steve Van Zandt played on “No Surrender”.

Gigs like these don’t come around too often. 11 summers ago he played in Hyde Park , the local council pulled the plug on him and Macca – “Born to Overrun

Mention was made. After nearly three hours , Bruce told the band it was time to go to bed. He reminded them that “they’d pull the f**ing plug” , Van Zandt – succinctly replied “f*ck em” and launched into Glory Days

There was a darkness on the edge of town in 2011- but this time the Boss left the stage in total triumph

He returned to play “last man standing” and we left , chasing something in the night.

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