Richard Smith in Belgium ponders the cost of not doing a dashboard

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Richard Smith’s European pension odyssey kicked off in Belgium last week. I’m a little out of sequence in catching up, but I’m sure you won’t mind as the insights from his visits to Copenhagen and Stockholm are published on this blog via the links in this paragraph.

Here’s his report on his trip to Belgium


My takeaways

“The cost of doing pensions dashboards is cheap for the great deal of trust in pensions they create; dashboard are just the right thing to do”.

It is clear we will not have pension dashboards using the state infrastructure for at least two years. Anyone who looks more deeply at the roll-out of dashboards knows that “dashboard BAU” will be at least two years after the dashboard availability point meaning that the vision for dashboards that has been presented to the British Public is unlikely to b fully available till 2028.

Meanwhile in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, dashboards are up and running.

What harm is being done in Britain by not having a dashboard?

Next week  – Oslo and the Hague

As I write, Richard is navigating the northernmost parts of the European landmass before returning to South to Oslo and the Hague.

Next week we can look forward to further insights from the Norwegians and the Dutch.

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