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I only know two Partick Thistle fans, one is Andy Young and the other is Rob Reid. If you have been round long in pensions – you’ll know Rob Reid too. Thanks to Andy for the link to the Partick website. We wish this fine man a quick recovery!

Message to fans who helped fellow Jag at Newton-on-Ayr station


The club have been in contact this week with family and friends of the Thistle supporter whose life was saved at Newton-on-Ayr train station after Friday night’s second leg at Somerset Park.

Thistle supporter, Robert Reid (not to be confused with the club’s esteemed historian and honorary president) received CPR at the station for some 25 minutes, with the quick-thinking support of many fans proving the difference between life and death.

After receiving emergency assistance for that extended period from numerous supporters, Robert was then treated by paramedics as soon as they arrived, before being taken to hospital locally. He was transferred on to Clydebank Jubilee hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning as his recovery continued. The paramedics assessed that 67-year-old Robert had probably only had a 5% chance of surviving given all the circumstances, had fellow Thistle supporters not jumped into action.

The club have been in contact with Robert’s daughter Jo, and friend Graeme Peden, this week with a visit planned, however that was scuppered by another transfer to a third hospital inside just six days. Club representatives hope to visit Robert late this week or early next week.

It has become clear during these exchanges that many Thistle supporters acted heroically and selflessly to help in several ways when the incident happened on Friday night. Such was the team effort, there are too many to thank individually however Robert and his family and friends would like to single out Dr Tim Parke – an emergency medicine specialist who led the lifesaving efforts, alongside many others nearby who fortunately were also qualified to do so.

In their words: “The doctor Tim, and several others, assisted Robert so professionally – without them he simply wouldn’t still be with us. A heartfelt thanks is extended to everyone involved; in fact, the whole Thistle support were a credit to the club in assisting in every way possible.”

Robert has added that: “Having supported the Jags since 1964, I thought I had seen the best of the club in every respect – these last few days have shown me how the support doesn’t end with the whistle.”

Everyone at Partick Thistle FC would like to echo that sincerest thank you to each and every supporter who assisted in any way on Friday night – you are a credit to the club you support. We wish Robert an ongoing, safe, and full recovery.

Arms aloft on the terrace


Let’s hope that Rob’s recovery is speeded up by the ongoing success of the Jags.

And it looks like the big man – hasn’t lost the use of his fingers!

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  1. Allan Martin says:

    At least one other pensions practitioner has an affection for the Jags, including memories of their their early 1970s participation in the EUFA Cup

  2. byronmckeeby says:

    A definitive history of Scottish Clubs in Europe in those years (Brno was 1963; Honved 1972) was written by Graham Munro, entitled “Out For Christmas”.

    Sadly in more recent seasons, apart from the gruesome twosome aka The Old Firm, the lack of success of Scottish clubs could be re-titled “out before September”.

    And while fans and players like these European matches as something out of the ordinary, there is evidence that the disruption to pre-season because of early matches starting in July can lead to teams then struggling to avoid relegation after August or Christmas, Dundee United being the latest example.

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