Pensions Expert title revived

We learn today that the Pensions Expert title and logo was bought by DG publishing on 28th April 2023 and that it will be continuing to provide us with pension news going forward.

In the febrile world of digital publishing , the proof of the publication is in its content and Pensions Expert hasn’t produced very much original content since February.

It would seem that Padraig Floyd is editor and there are occasional articles from Sonia Rach and Iain McLellan on its website

What today’s “launch” is about , I haven’t worked out but presumably we will begin to see the twitter and linked in feeds active again and sooner or later we will get emails with news, opinion and perhaps some insight.

Existing logins are being recognised.

The DG publishing event this Monday would suggest an approach based on the top end of the pension food chain.

I’m happy to see another portal for news and views but till we get a clearer picture on what resource will be behind this operation, I will reserve judgement.

Darren Philp is handling inquiries  through Shula PR and Policy (darren@shulaprandpolicy; 07887 876567).

The end of the FT era


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