Linked in – stop blowing smoke up my bum

I am bored of Linked in encouraging me to take out premium membership to expand my network.

“You’re getting noticed” – it tells me. But what’s the point of that if you spend half your time on the site managing unwanted messages , posts and now your network of connections?

Stop blowing smoke up my arse and let me get on with creating my online communities .

Linked in limit your first degree connections to 30,000. After that it’s one in and one out. The instruction is to “manage my network”- why should I?

Right now, I have not kicked anyone out today , which means that if you are trying to connect with me – you’ll get something like this

Which is bollocks. People have millions of followers on Tic-Toc and Instagram, why can’t they have unlimited linked in connections?

And what’s this stuff about Linked in followers, I don’t get that either – just like I don’t get linked in endorsements.

Sometimes I think Linked in isn’t much more than a means to blow  smoke up your future employer’s arse.

Perhaps linked in should move on and accept that it’s become a forum and a hub of connectivity.

If it wants people to pay for it,  it should take limits off connectivity and let loose its true potential. Capping connectivity is a waste of time.

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