Metaphysical poet knows nothing about later-life caring – shock


This is a post retirement blog. It will appeal to those who believe in joint lives!

The grave’s a fine and private place

But none I think do their embrace

When I was school, I was taught the metaphysical poets but not the naughty poems like Andrew Marvell’s “to his coy mistress“. Marvell uses the poem to invent ever more elaborate conceits designed to laugh his would be lover into bed.

And I always found I could use the above couplet without fear or favor when I wooed. But now, thanks to an archeological dig in West Leeds, my faith in the stratagem and in Marvell is waning.

If you can spare two minutes of your morning, you can listen to the poem very well read on this link.

Don’t think like Andrew Marvell. If you have a partner, make sure you look after him/her from cradle to grave.

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