DWP – live Q&A on VFM; Tuesday 10.30 am – online and free

The VFM consultation was not written by a robot, it was written by Des Healy, who is one of the good guys

Des is the big lad on the right, that’s his Dad in he middle , his kids below and his wife to one side –

Des wants to answer our questions on why the VFM Framework is a big deal , what it will mean and I will be asking him some questions about concerns I have and  issues others have. You can ask your questions on the day or mail me them to henry@agewage.com. There will be a recording but it’s better live.

Sooooooo….here’s your

INVITATION to a Coffee Morning –  Online (includes 1Hr CPD)

When – Tuesday February 7th, 2023 10:30am


I’ll   be asking Des some questions on the Consultation including:-

  1. A lot of people are surprised that value for money is so important to the DWP , TPR and FCA – why are you giving it so much attention?
  2. Should Employers be required to carry out regular provider reviews against strict benchmarks and confirm they have carried this out say every 3 years?
  3. Should those running such exercises be regulated and independent and using research and key metrics
  4. It’s quite a menacing paper isn’t it – would you say that you’ve been emboldened by the tough line taken by the Australian regulator?
  5. It’s striking how the paper moves from Trustee to IGC – do you feel there is an easier working relationship between you, TPR and FCA?
  6. You’ve got a new boss now – how’s it working for Laura Trott?
  7. You know my feelings about chapter 4 of the VFM paper (the bit I loathe) is this a consultation or a done deal? Is there scope for change
  8. If you do net performance right – what’s the point of the cost and charges test?
  9. A lot of value for money assessments focus on quality of service as the way to increase contributions, you don’t use “contributions” as part of the Quality test – why?
  10. The paper scarcely mentions ESG , was this deliberate or was it an oversite?
  11. How would you feel if you were a member of a DC scheme and was told it was not delivering value for money?
  12. Does it worry you that only one IGC VFM assessment has ever rated an insurer as not giving value for money – how do you avoid VFM-wash

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