Pension’s Keith Moon crashes Pension PlayPen – Tuesday

Ian Beestin is a friend of mine. So I’m doing some drumming up for his appearance on the Pension PlayPen on Tuesday.

Ian is an amusing person who has some good ideas, one of them is a business called Money Alive.

He is also a musician. He’s doing some drumming up the road from me on February 23rd. The band are pictured below . You can see from this recent picture how long ago the picture on the Pension PlayPen flyer is taken

Ian Beestin, Mark Polson, Nigel Ross-Scott, Chris Budd and Jenny Smyth.

This is a picture of Ian and his band – Consumer Duty – who are playing their next gig about 100 yards from where I live in the City. They are playing the Stationers Hall in the City of London which is also known as the “bloggers hall” – as bloggers tend be stationary most of the time. I actually live in what used to be the stationary warehouse to the Stationers Hall.

To encourage people to attend Ian’s event, I am running an open tab before the gig at the Cockpit public house which is within gobbing distance.

Anyone who attends both the Pension PlayPen event and Consumer Duty’s gig on 23rd can drink on me from 5pm to when I push off to the gig. The Landlord is a West Ham fan so please show him some TLC.

I know very few people read to the end of my blogs, so if you’ve got this far and can get to the City of London on 23rd Feb, I recommend the Timothy Taylor’s.

Ian Beestin drops in

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