Where will you be next Tuesday afternoon?

I’ll be online at the Accelerating DB endgame between 13.50 and 17.50 and here’s why.

To me, the attraction of events like this is that they give you the chance to ask questions of people who are genuinely in a position to change things. I fine myself in the lucky position of being able to chair this session.

Sharon Bowles as well as sitting in the House of Lords, chaired the Economic and Monetary Committee of the European Parliament.

David Fairs is TPR’s regulatory policy person.

David Fairs

Kerrin possibly the most influential person in UK fiduciary management,

Kerrin Rosenberg

Fiona is charged with creating the next iteration of the DWP’s DB funding code.

This is a panel that will challenge and be challenged by SG’s audience. This is one of the most exciting prospects I can think of to be a part of. You should prioritise your time to be at this conference and particularly this session.

I am not much taken by the flannel that accompanies pension conferences. But I think Stephen Glover (the SG in the post below) is right to be proud of what he’s put together for next Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s the bones of it.


You can register your interest (and may well be eligible for a free place)

by clicking here.

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