Laura Trott will be our new pensions minister


Laura Trott

This blog does not indulge in idle speculation , it simply says it as I see it and I saw the new pensions minister answer questions on pensions this afternoon in the house of commons. She made specific reference to her continuing the work of the member for Hexham (Guy Opperman) and Guy Opperman spoke of pensions as “in his former life”.

Quite why the Department of Work and Pensions can’t spit all this out is beyond me but as the whole team of five ministers had clearly defined roles, there can be no doubt that Mel Stride has got his house in order and we will simply have to wait till this is official.

If anyone wants to take issue, I will be happy to lay good money with them on this.

First impressions

Trott’s performance in answering questions was assured , succinct and sharp.

She had clearly been well briefed and she dovetailed well Opperman who took one or two technical questions on her behalf.

I don’t think we are going to have to wait long till she is fully up to speed with the legacy she is taking over, this is just as well – we have a diminishing window to get anything substantive done in this parliament. The future for a conservative team beyond 2025 looks less certain.

It was a pleasure to see the DWP team at work under the non-combative Secretary of State , Mel Stride. Though time is short – there is much can be done from a department with a lot of talent.

Politician not cyclist


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