Linked-in groups make friends and influence people

I have been running a number of linked in groups since 2009, the most successful of which is AgeWage and Pension PlayPen. It uses the power of the linked in database and algorithm to attract members to it.

In the early days almost everyone who joined the group were invited by me , but lately most people ask me to admit them . I very rarely turn people away – though I am finding a few fake people asking to join.

To begin with – I was the only person who posted in my group but now my posts jostle for attention with everyone else’s, on a typical week , the group has around 150 posts which get between 90,000 and 100,000 views.

that’s because the people on the group are very active, almost half of the people in the group are classed as regular users (active members)

So if you want your content to be seen by the kind of people who hang around on pension sites, my group is a good place to go. So let’s take a case study.

Case study on how to use linked in groups; Adrienne’s conference

Adrienne is a hard-working conference organiser who is organising a hybrid event (fact to face and live-streamed) and she’s running the live event on 22nd November.

Step one

Adrienne contacts me by mail and asks my advice on how she should publicise the event. I suggest she use my group (which is free for her) and she makes it part of her strategy

Step two

Adrienne creates content that can be posted on a linked in group

Note, she fluffs me up so I get lots of personal kudos. This isn’t necessary but it helps as I’m more likely to promote her event than others (even if I’m totally out of my depth).

She then posts the content on my group and everywhere and encourages me to big her up


Step three

Having got me hooked she follows up with the sucker punch! Not only do I get to go to the event and meet lots of clever people in a posh city office but I can offer five people a free place saving them £275 each (that’s £1375 of free tickets).

All you have to do is mail me for a promo code and use it.

(Email me at before I post the tickets to the group -blog readers are at the front of the queue)

It’s true – the first five people to mail me – get to go to the gig free! 

Step four

Adrienne gets all her friends and relatives and staff and speakers and moderators (phew!) to tweet, like and share the adverts to her conference so it’s no longer her idea but everyone’s.

Step five

She gets me to write a blog about how she’s used linked in, my group and my social media outlets to maximise attendance to her conference!


So what is there not to like about linked in groups?

Well of course I could point to the 15,560 people who are connected to me and I’ve invited to the group – who haven’t yet accepted my invitation. That’s a lot of “no’s”.

Or the hundreds of hours I’ve spent promoting the group to where it is now.

And I could explain that unless you are totally mad , you would never think of building an online community as I have done.

But you are probably saying “Henry – looks like it’s been worth it” – and you’d be right.

The AgeWage and the Pension Playpen linked in group is now one of the most active groups on linked in and it’s the largest dedicated pension group in Europe. Only in America and Australia  are groups bigger.

And being in my linked in group gives you added advantages

  1. Networking with 10,700 like souls , 95% of whom are linked to me

  2. The right to approach any other member of the group for a connection without having to justify your approach with some feeble excuse

  3. Introductions from me to others in the group if you aren’t keen on blind approaches

  4. Opportunities to pick up trips on Lady Lucy, free hotel rooms, tickets to pension conferences and other freebies

  5. The chance to sell your event , promote your proposition or simply share your thoughts with a bunch of people who actually look at the content on a weekly even daily basis.

So if you haven’t joined, join! All you have to do is to follow this link to my group.

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