Why you shouldn’t miss BBC’s 9 O’clock Panorama tonight

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There is no better way to understand savings scamming than through listening to victims talk. Publicity of scams increases awareness and makes it harder for scammers to rob.

Though some may get a prurient satisfaction from watching this program, I expect it to do a great deal of good in raising awareness of how sophisticated scamming has become and how awful are its consequences.

Andy Agethangelou, writing on the Transparency Task Force website tells us

Our understanding is that the programme will initially focus on the Blackmore Bond scandal, and then move onto the wider, systemic issues at the FCA that have led to widespread consumer detriment, for example through Woodford, LC&F, Connaught, Premier FX, fraudulent IRHP mis-selling by banks, the various Peer to Peer lenders, and so on.

His TTF has been a part of the making of this program and we should not forget that the TTF has been one of the major publicists of the wrongs done to ordinary people by criminals adept in white collar robbery. Angie Brooks’ Pension Life is another.

Angie has spent the last ten years warning against the activities of Blackmore directors, Phillip Nunn and Patrick McCreesh. The FCA and other authorities have not taken any action against them, perhaps this program will shed light on why.

For more information on the background to Blackmore, you might like to read Angie’s blog “web of pension scams”  and listen to the Radio 4 “You and Yours” program on Blackmore produced in 2018, a link to which is on the Pension Life review of the program

If you want to research the murkier depths of Blackmore, there is much more to be found here.


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