Happy independence day India!

Lav Gogna prepares a chicken curry

Today is Lav’s 65th birthday. For decades, Lav has been looking forward to this day – not just because it’s Indian Independence Day, but because it should have been the day he formally retired.

But though Lav is 65, he is not retired, he has to wait another year till his 66th birthday for that.

Of course Lav is not complaining, that’s the way of it. Falling fertility, increased longevity – he knows why he’s having to wait, but it’s still disappointing.

Independence Day for India

But while Lav will have to wait another year, India celebrates it’s independence for the 76th time. Exactly 10 years before Lav was born, India – as we know it today, came to be.

And in the 75 intervening years, India and Great Britain have grown together , so now there are great parts of London, Leeds and Bradford and other of our conurbations where Indian and British culture are the same thing.

I thought this yesterday, as we celebrated with Lal and celebrated for India (and Pakistan who’s independence day was yesterday (Sunday 14th August). Pakistan too is a great friend to us and so its people, wherever they live.

And congratulations to my colleagues in India, – Tej, Vansh, Anushka, Yash and to our former colleague and still shareholder Rahul! Thanks too to Ritesh who helped us set up AgeWage with Kunal! Your country and our country are part of one business enterprise for us all!

Lady Lucy and crew at Hambledon Lock

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