5 free to use scam awareness sites; one Margaret Snowden!

A scam aimed at Carillion Pensioners on the day the firm went bust. TPR had it removed from google ads within hours of its publication.

The Pensions Regulator has done a lot of good in  preventing scammers repeating the problems experienced by BSPS members , during Time to Choose. An example is the way it cut off scamming at source with Carillion (see above).

Now it is turning its widening its approach , aiming to support the FCA and MoneyHelper in promoting awareness of scams.  In its latest anti pension scams campaign it introduces us to the  “Pension Scam Action Group”, which will among other things

  • explore opening a regulatory sandbox to allow industry to test solutions for scam prevention and intelligence gathering in partnership with other relevant regulators

So lets look at the kind of initiatives that are available as free to use software.


1. Quietroom

2,Scam-man and Robbin   Pension Bee and friends

Play here https://www.scam-man.com/

3, NHS Pensions

4. MoneyHelper

5. FCA ScamSmart

FCA Scam smart   https://www.fca.org.uk/scamsmart


You need pay no money to use these resources. All of these services are free to link to and most offer embed code if you want details to be featured on your website.

Most people are saying the right things , some more effectively than others. There is a large resource for those operating workplace and non-workplace pensions to tap into.

I’m happy to have been involved in the creation of Scam Man and Robbin and if TPR are happy for it to be admitted to its sandbox for testing, I’d be pleased for it form part of the test.

If you know of other excellent resources, please add them in comments.

There’s only one Margaret Snowden

Finally , an advert for one of the most dynamic voices in the promotion of scam- awareness, Margaret Snowden, who is appearing at this morning’s Pension PlayPen Coffee morning.

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