As C-19 actuaries report excess deaths approaching 130,000 – a thank you.

The last week has seen a spike in excess deaths – from the heat wave.

A continuous threat to our health and lives

Slowly the impact of these excess deaths will be reflected in reduced liabilities in our pension schemes, in particular the state pension which is the only pension many of the most vulnerable in our society receive. Annuity rates , life insurance rates, even compensation for pension transfer mis-selling will be impacted by the CMI’s continuous mortality assessment.

The acute phase of the pandemic seems to be over, but we still seem to be running at a rate of around 1,000 more deaths each month than might be expected – resulting from Covid And there is the long-term impact of long Covid to consider as well. This is a drag on “morbidity” – the nation’s propensity to be off sick.

Those of us , not involved in healthcare or analysis of mortality and morbidity statistics have the Covid Actuaries to thank for this ongoing information which can be accessed from their website or from social media.

Our debt of thanks to the C-19 actuaries

Updates such as the one above come as a timely reminder that Covid is an ongoing threat and that its impact has left a profound impact on millions of people’s lives, people directly impacted by getting Covid and those who have seen family and friends laid low.

By presenting the information methodically and consistently , without spin, the Covid Actuaries allow us to understand both the risks and ways of avoiding the risks of the virus.

Consistently providing real time data linking the roll-out of the vaccine to the more serious impacts of Covid, has encouraged many to get the jab and shifted public opinion – noticeably expressed through social media, in favor of vaccination.

In my opinion, the Friday reports (of which there have now been 69) are the best consolidated source of information on the rise and fall of the pandemic we have. They will form an archive of information for those looking to learn from what has actually happened. The history of the pandemic is within these reports.

I am lucky to have been able to republish these Friday reports and a few of the occasional bulletins from the actuaries. Lucky because in reproducing them on this blog, I have been spending my time wisely, becoming informed (rather than expert).

The understanding I have gained, has been a comfort to me, and along the way , I have learned a little about actuarial science. The C-19 Actuarial Response Group   have put together and published this information. Every one can be downloaded in the original from this link

The gallery below pays tribute to the principal contributors over the years. Apologies if you aren’t pictured and should be! Remind me!

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