Andrew Cheseldine on small pots – 10.30 this Tuesday Morning – link here!

The advert says it all.  I’ve written a lot about the frustration of not seeing more progress on small pot consolidation.

My view

We are in a state of funk about member detriment and need somebody to apply some common sense. There will always be winners and losers from bulk transfers and because they are made without member consent- everyone what everyone to be a winner!

So the state of funk continues.

The trouble’s in the counter-factual. If we don’t consolidate small pots, people carry on with fractured pension pots which lead to bad outcomes. Small pots get cashed out, consolidated pots get spent to provide pensions. Small pots are hard to engage with, large pots are more meaningful. Small pots tend to be eroded by charges, larger pots can pick up economies of scale.

Andy Cheseldine is a man imbued with a lot of common sense, this session will be well worth attending.


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