It feels like sport again!

Lady Lucy flies the flags

I was four when England beat Germany to win the world cup. It’s the only time I remember my Dad getting weepy.

That Saturday afternoon was on my mind as I drove Lady Lucy home, took the train and cycled and ran across London; – always listening to the game on my pods. I got home  for the last five minutes and there were tears again – this time with Stella.

The English Ladies football team – our Lionesses – seem to have taken over the tired game of professional football and reinvented it along amateur lines. This is sport – not business.

It was a record attendance to watch the game

but by the But by the scenes after the game , it was more like a netball crowd, with the players and their families at the heart of it – a far cry from the corporatism of the men’s game. This lovely photo shows the parents of the lady who has just won player of the tournament, the golden boot and the European Cup.

n afternoon to remember!

And will we forget Chloe Kelly’s goal celebration?

or the naughty chip form Ella Toone

After the nastiness of Paris and at Wembley for the men’s Euros, this match will be remembered for the right reasons.

Great to see the Queenand her band getting in the spirit!

And though I saw it on trains , cycles and as I legged it to my flat, the celebration with Stella after the game has just started. The Commonwealth games have only begun, it feels like a sporting summer again!

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