Rishi backers – take Plan B.

If you were looking for a bounce in Rishi Sunak’s fortunes after my announcement yesterday, look away! Yesterday I told you would get more money from backing the best horse in the world than from betting on Liz Truss to be our next Prime Minister.

Today I can tell you that Rishi Sunak is now over 8-1 against to beat Truss after drifting like a barge throughout yesterday and this morning. A Liz win will net you 12p for every pound bet ,not much more than were you to keep  your money in the bank (especially if Sunak’s predictions of 7% interest rates in her wake – come true!)

Compare these odds with yesterday’s and you can see Sunak is out from 6 – 8.4-1. Maybe the barge will be over the weir soon!

Thursday morning’s odds

If you are an MP who’s got behind Rishi Sunak, look at Plan B!


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5 Responses to Rishi backers – take Plan B.

  1. John Mather says:

    Balancing inflation recession ( depression) unemployment
    Is not within the skill set of this government

  2. Julius Pursaill says:

    Henry, how about a piece on what an affront to democracy it is that around 150,000 people significantly skewed to white middle class southern males will shortly decide upon the tax and spend (and many other policies) the country lives under for the next couple of years?

  3. henry tapper says:

    You mean people like me and you? Heaven forbid!

  4. John Mather says:

    The unique aspect of this race is that it has two losers

    • Eugen N says:

      That is my view too. I cannot see Mrs Truss staying in this job for 12 months. The herd will rip her apart, when looking at the possibility of loosing elections. In 2023, they will get another chance to choose someone who can actually win elections for Cons.

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