Liz Truss – shorter than Baaeed.

Baaeed is the top-rated thoroughbred racehorse in the world. Yesterday he trounced his rivals in Goodwood’s Sussex Stakes at a price of 1-6, delivering just 17p profit to a one pound stake.


This morning , Liz Truss is priced at 1.16 to be the next Prime Minister while Rishi Sunak is 6 to one against. Once again , the odds are tightening for Truss and against Sunak. Here is yesterday’s market

and Tuesday’s

And Monday’s, when Betfair still had Rishi on top (well historically).

Of course there’s no such thing as a certainty till the horse has been weighed in as the winner. But there gets a point where speculation gives way to admiration. While I do not admire Liz Truss as a candidate, I can’t but admire her progress towards what looks like a certain victory.


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