Al Rush calls out FSCS for failing BSPS transferees

Al in Port Talbot

In a scintillating hour long session, Al Rush

  1. condemned FSCS for its lack of transparency towards steelworkers
  2. explained his relationship with Clark Wilmott and how Philippa Hann became involved with the FCA
  3. confirmed that Andrew Bailey fell asleep not once but six times in a meeting with him
  4. argued that while most of the steelworkers he had worked with were happy, they still deserved compensation
  5. annoyed IFAs by telling them that the British Steel Action Group’s financial analysis was irrelevant to the 404 redress scheme
  6. called the FCA inherently not fit for purpose
  7. explained the level of care needed to get steelworkers ready to decide on whether to transfer or not
  8. remembered the behavior of rogue advisers in time to choose
  9. made us laugh many times
  10. left us with a deeper understanding of how the BSPS fiasco happened and why it is turning into a mess for FCA, FSCS, TPR, FOS, IFAs, Tata and most of all the steelworkers.

Billy Burrows called it one of the best sessions he had ever attended. I thought Al captured the Zeitgeist of the moment. You will not be able to capture the immediacy of the moment by listening to the audio, but it is well worth a listen nonetheless

The link to the recording is here

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