Breaking; Al Rush to blow lid on FSCS at today’s Pension PlayPen coffee Morning

For days we have worried about “Princess” Margaret Snowden who contracted Covid in the arctic and is unwell.

We understand she is now recovering at home and our best wishes go to her. She will not however be able to attend tomorrow’s coffee morning as announced.

Instead we will have Al Rush for an hour, which is about as much of Al as most of us can take, time spent with Al is like taking the back seat in a Red Arrow at an air display.

My affection, admiration and stupefaction at Al’s relentless assault on the bull-shittery of personal finance , knows no bounds. For this reason, I will not be chairing the meeting as I would doubtless be mesmerised by his surplus of humanity which  sweeps me away by sheer force of character.

Al and I are in correspondence on the proposed BSPS redress scheme and at odds on the Public Accounts Committee’s dismissal of the arguments of IFAs. But we agree that whatever is right going forward must be right going back.

Sadly, the Financial Service Compensation Scheme has not (so far) served many steelworkers well. Al is going to give us his views on the redress scheme, compensation paid so far and his view on FSCS. Which should be worth an hour of your time



Sign in to and link to the Margaret Snowden event or copy this link to your calendar. If you don’t usually use Teams, you’ll have to download it onto your desktop, laptop or phone. But it will be worth it!

Link to Al Rush on FSCS July 26  10:30








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