Buy-in , Buy-out – shake it all about with James Mullins – 10.30am today

James Mullins is what Ian Dury used to describe (affectionately) as “a clever bstrd”. He’s a partner at Hymans Robertson and he knows all the stuff on buy-out and buy-ins that we don’t.

Which is why I’m looking forward to hearing him at the Pension PlayPen coffee morning. Infact I am so hot in my flat that I have persuaded Hymans to do the coffee morning from their air conditioned offices in London Wall.

Perhaps this will be a first for us all. A witless host , quizzing a brainy boffin from the boffin’s place of work while the boffin sits broiling at home.

I expect other boffins to ask the techy questions which will be beyond me. I hope that there will be plenty of others like me in the congregation to listen and learn!

Well done to Pension PlayPen for enrolling its 1,000th member last week,

If you haven’t joined, you can join here. If you have joined- the link’s your door to more!

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Probably had help from his Mum…

In honour of our guest and to keep spirits up as the temperature in the City advances on 4o degrees Celsius, here is the greatly missed Ian Dury, reminding us that

There ain’t half been some clever bastards.
Probably got help from their mum
(who had help from her mum).
There ain’t half been some clever bastards.
Now that we’ve had some,
let’s hope that there’s lots more to come.

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