Penny Mordaunt now odds-on to be our next Prime Minister

These are the latest odds on Betfair on who will be our next prime minister come September 5th.

The financial markets have pencilled in the prudent Rishi Sunak as favorite, but these odds suggest Penny Mordaunt is not just mounting a challenge – she is clear favorite. They are calling her “odds-on” to win.  A £1 stake on winning the race to be PM only returns £1.78 .

Liz Truss is third favorite and there is only Kemi Badenoch at 22/1 between Truss and Tom Tugendhat at 60-1. The market is calling this a three horse race with two fillies and a colt commanding the market.

A thin market

There is not a lot of liquidity in this market and I’m not sure it is entirely reliable. But Betfair’s odds are consistent with those of the wider market as supplied by Oddschecker

If the market is correct, then we should be interested in a lady who could well become the third woman prime minister.

Like Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May before her, Mordaunt is state school educated.

Information on Penny Mordant is easy to find but here is her Wiki Link.

Winners of leadership contests don’t need to be publicly well known, Boris Johnson is  the exception rather than the rule.

Winners need to be well liked by the parliamentary conservative party and acceptable to the Conservative membership. If you believe the bookies, Penny Mordaunt ticks those boxes rather better than Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss.

If you can’t be bothered to follow the arguments , you can follow the race on twitter , care of this admirable video.



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2 Responses to Penny Mordaunt now odds-on to be our next Prime Minister

  1. Dr+Robin+Rowles says:

    I commented on a newspaper article that I’d never heard of her and got a number of replies saying “well use Google to find out”, which I felt rather proved my point! But what does it matter? The party won’t change from being the old fashioned Tories they are today whoever leads it!

  2. John Mather says:

    Inflation and devaluation are already in the pipeline. Fiscal drag will continue to reduce U.K. living standards whichever “leader” of a fractured Tory party is chosen.

    They will continue to fight one another and the country will suffer.

    Labour should have proposed rejoining the EU as Brexit will continue to damage the U.K. until it does.

    We were sold down the river in 2016 the project was based on lies. Which is why I left the U.K.

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