AgeWage and Pension PlayPen – one of the most engaging groups on LinkedIn

I am glad to share that our group has been included in a new program for well-managed groups on LinkedIn. Posts in our group now get increased visibility on the Linkedin feed.

If you are in the AgeWage and Pension PlayPen group then you are able to post your ideas, blogs, events and sell your wares on our site.

If you are not in this group and you are on linked in, you are welcome to join the group which you can find on a search or by clicking this link.

Of our 10,400 members – 6,500 have been deemed “active over the past 90 days, creating 285 posts and viewing posts 270,000 times – we have an average of 42,000 views a week.

I’m proud to say that of these 10,400 members , 9800 are personal connections of mine. You can make connections with other group members much more easily if you are in the same group. I am currently negotiating with Linked in to increse my quota of linked in connections which is capped at 30,000. If you aren’t connected with me, you can link in at

The point of linked in groups is to share common information and to get to know each other. This also goes on at where we have weekly coffee mornings. This website has around 900 members.

If you want to combine your pension pot using the AgeWage guidance methodology, you can sign up to which has a very large membership indeed.

And if you want a trip on Lady Lucy, the boat pictured below, you can book a trip (for free) via this link.

I know Linked in is horribly corporate, but it is a great database and though I can find it annoying, it is a lot less annoying than other social media sites. I’m really proud of the success of our group and hope this article encourages you to join us!



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