Not much sun shine on the Elizabeth Line

Well I made through the rain to the Elizabeth Line (Farringdon) for the arrival of the first trains and I couldn’t get to the platform because my card won’t work till 9am. So I asked how I could buy an extension to Slough from the end of Zone 6 and was told I would have to walk to Farringdon underground station to do so (an 800 yard walk).

To get to Slough I would have to change at Paddington and either catch a “normal” train or get on one of the new Elizabeth Line trains (which run two an hour to Reading).

So, the Elizabeth Line will not save travellers to the City more than a few minutes at best and will probably cause a lot of frustration in the meantime.

I explained this to the Lord Mayor who accepted that it was a pretty rum show that you couldn’t buy an extension ticket from the station you were embarking at!

The Elizabeth Line has been ready to go for a couple of years – except at Bond Street – but there have been problems with the electrics that has made it’s being delivered to us 3 and a half years late. Today was the big reveal – I say – big deal!



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