A Happy Mothering Sunday to everyone.

It’s Mothering Sunday, a day when we celebrate motherhood whether we are a Mum or not.

I’m a lucky lad still to have my Mum on this planet and I’m pleased to see her going strong in the Scottish sunshine!


It’s a pleasure to be thinking of my Mum, who earlier in the year had a heart murmur that knocked her out as she walked into the Copperidge restaurant.

Mary and David Longbourne, this blog’s for you!

I wish every Mum , a happier day, for it being Mother’s day. I wish everyone who still has a Mum , many happy days because of her and I hope that those who have lost their Mum, the consolation of good memories.

Half  of us can never know the joy of motherhood and for many women who cannot conceive, there is sorrow; but we all have had a Mum – and today is no day for anything but celebration!

Here’s to you Mum , a few months from your 90th b-day!

Still feeding us!

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