Can demographics help us understand Putin’s game?

The following thread is from Simon Kuestenmacher


Simon’s one of the clearest thinkers on Geography I’ve read, maybe because he writes like Abba sang, as a European in a second tongue (making his words stand out as each is thought through and cliche-free) . Maybe it’s because he thinks in images and projects his thoughts through maps and charts. Simon is German by birth but Australian by residence (which explains the Aussie references in his thread).

Anyway, I think this is as close to an explanation of Putin’s thought processes as I’ve read, and it’s both a speculative and thought-provoking thread, thanks Simon (you can follow his twitter feed using the link above).

It’s particularly scary when trying to understand why in realpolitik, the killing of thousands of civilians as is happening in Mariapol, becomes an end to justify a geopolitical means,

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