Priti Patel – if we care for Ukraine, we care for Ukrainians

I thought I could write a blog that pre-cursed the relaxation of visas for refugees. I called it UKrainians.

I wrote a blog about Boris Johnson’s six point plan, it started by his call for humanitarianism. I took him at his word.

No more appeasing this Government, if we care for Ukraine, we care for Ukrainians.



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5 Responses to Priti Patel – if we care for Ukraine, we care for Ukrainians

  1. Rob Rees says:

    I just watched his address to parliament. Zalensky his words, invoking Churchill, Shakespeare and looking every bit a statesman. If only we had anyone with those qualities at the head of any of the mainstream parties.
    What’s happening to Ukraine is horrific enough, but to stand and applaud his passionate speach, yet do virtually nothing to help his people escape the tyranny inflicted on them has utterly appalled me.

  2. Tim Simpson says:

    Hello Henry,

    As I’ve mentioned previously, I didn’t vote for this Government because they made no secret of their intentions etc.

    I suggest to you that, regarding Ukraine, Boris Johnson is speaking to the United Nations & NATO participants, not to us. Priti Patel is speaking to us and therein lies the ‘rub’. You,I and many others see it as humane to accept the Ukranian refugees, as do all the others who are either writing here, on are shown on your blog. As I write, Deidre’s figures will have increased considerably, yet would we be surprised if the situation at Calais and other ferry ports hadn’t?

    I think it is relative that this Government was elected on a strong ticket of restricting migrants and PP is working hard to that to avoid criticism. Would it surprise us if PP reported that their phones were full of callers who certainly didn’t agree with the Russian invasion but didn’t want the refugees here?

    Using the argument that, at all costs, Immigration has to ensure that no Russian sympathisers enter as refugees sounds a bit odd when you remember the assasinations that have succeeded here in recent years. Is that why UK ‘did the dirty’ on the Afghans in case a few Talibans got in as refugees? The call today is that the PM should be questioned about the peerage of Evgeny Lebedev. I doubt that the PM does know anything about it. Surely those questions should go to George Osborne…!

    Kind regards,
    Tim Simpson

  3. John Mather says:

    According to Chris Bryant on 4th March, “following the invasion of Ukraine, the UK has imposed targeted sanctions on 34 individuals or entities. The EU has imposed over 500 targeted sanctions; the US over 200. Of the “Navalny 35” list, UK 8, EU 19, US 15. UK has only imposed sanctions on 11 Putin oligarchs so far.”

    Follow the money and the Brexit connection

  4. Brian G says:

    Very simply. Pritti Patel is a deeply unpleasant person. She is not intelligent enough to be the home secretary, has minimal levels of empathy and is a PROVEN bully as evinced by the report into her behaviour with her civil servants. What do you expect from someone with such little care for her fellow human beings? She is a vile politician. And the vast majority of her cabinet colleagues have as little gumption as they have intellect. And Boris Johnson is a proven liar. I didn’t vote for this shower of a government but I still feel deeply ashamed that other countries see this government and laugh at our prime minister’s incompetence. Except I doubt they are laughing at how insensitive we are to yhis genuine human tragedy.

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