“Companiions” for us as we get older.

I had never heard of “Companiions“, till I read about the winners of the “Silver Lining” competition that has been co-created and  promoted by my friend Sally Bridgeland.

I am glad I have now.

Many older people are rich in cash but poor in companionship. For an hourly rate that starts at £12 , they can pay for the companionship of people who can bring happiness into their lives, drawing on the goodwill of many who care enough to participate in “Companiions” work.

The Companiions mobile app makes arranging company or help quick, easy, and safe. It’s accessible, affordable, and open to anyone, anywhere from £12-£25 per hour. Many people don’t need care, but they do need a caring person to provide a helping hand to live a happy, independent life at home.

Meanwhile, there are people out there full of  compassion, who want to make money while making a difference in their communities.

 A simple way of going about it

I know people on the buy and sell side. I am sure you do too.

And many older people are now using apps themselves

As I understand it, the point of the Silver Linings competition was not just to recognise technology that helps us live our lives, but to recommend it.

Hats off to all at Silver Linings and congratulations to this worthy idea. I hope that many older people download it directly and that it helps both those who organise care and those who want to give it.

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