Coughing home for Christmas!

Well, both the people I was supposed to have meetings with today have tested positive, so I will be taking trains taxis and bikes to points west to deliver presents and what little goodwill there is.

There didn’t seem much at Ally Pally last night

For a populist prime minister, Boris isn’t doing to well with the people. But just why 80,000 people feel it’s a good idea to get drunk in one big room and spray germs while singing nasty songs – is anybody’s guess.

There’s no place for hate at Christmas guys!

We look like we will be coughing our way through Christmas and my Christmas shopping included an early morning trip to Smithfields for bacon and steak for the missus and a min-hamper for the folks in Dorset. I am pleased to report that everyone in Smithfield market was respectful , wore masks and confined the singing to apolitical ditties.

Last week, I ran past 200 santas cycling over Lambeth Bridge; it  looks like at least one of them was taking performance boosting drugs.

Hospitality or hospital?

I will be dining out on Wednesday en famille , my invitation to eat at Gymkhana had to be at 6pm so they could have the table back. Judging by my social media, that may not be necessary. (think Ally Pally…)

Work hard or work shy?

We feel we  have been working quite hard this December but the City of London yesterday suggests this tweet’s calendar of the month may be closer to the mark. Perhaps I’m beginning to forget what a normal day’s work feels like.

Provision or Prison?

All this appears to have got to some of our senior politicians including Ros Altman, who claims this reference to incarceration was a slip of the finger. Who knows whether provison or prison was on the Baroness’ mind?

Remember precious readers – this is the season to be jolly. So thank Santa for Quietroom. Today’s the shortest day, tomorrow it all starts getting better!

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  1. con Keating says:

    If in prison, do you still get paid your state pension?

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