Covid’s third wave


I have had first hand experience of the impact of opening up the UK to tourism this summer. Shaftesbury, the town where I grew up , had its highest incidence of Covid cases last week.

In Orkney , in the week I was on holiday, the islands saw 12 new cases, not many by the standards of our conurbations, but these took total cases since March 2020 from 166 to 178.

The third wave of Covid is arriving like a long ripple across virgin sand , rather than the crashing force of waves one and two. However, for those who are in hospital and especially those in ICUs, the impact of this fresh wave is just as distressing.

The Covid-19 actuaries continue to chart these waves by interpreting detailed studies and making them accessible to those without their analytic skills .

Below, I reproduce a thread of tweets from Adele Groyer, looking at the casualties of the third wave. The numbers relate to England, Wales and Northern Ireland and don’t include Scotland.

A simple message – get vaxed.

There will be further waves, but they are unlikely to be destructive as previous ones, unless, that is, you are unvaccinated. Adele Groyer has produced graphical evidence from the latest numbers that show just how much protection those with vaccination are getting.

thanks to Adele and the Covid Actuaries for keeping us informed in these simple and effective ways.

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