Quid enim est de valore pecunia pro pensionibus moderator ?

My friend and mentor Con Keating reminds me that while the Pension Regulator’s corporate plan is full of good stuff, it needs to be assessed for value as it would assess the schemes it regulates.  Con has commented on my post this morning and the comment is sufficiently apt to merit a post.

He speaks a language senior civil servants understand!

Following this morning’s report in the Today programme of the widespread use of Latin among senior civil service mandarins, I realised the mistake I have been making all these years when addressing the Pensions Regulator.

For those of us living more plebian existences, I have supplied an English translation.

Valorem pecunia
(Value for Money)

Ideo considerare oportet quid sit quaeritur: Quid enim est de valore pecunia pro pensionibus moderator ?
(The question we should be asking is: What is the value for money of the Pensions Regulator?)

Eorum se sumptibus patet: £ CXI million. Nostrae obsequium sumptibus sunt a pluribus de hoc.
(Their direct costs are clear £111 million. Our compliance costs are a multiple of this.)

Quid enim?
(For what?)

6% augmentum in sumptibus: si tantum mihi pensionem habebat augeri, quantum.
(A 6% increase in costs – if only my pension had risen by that.)

Et eorum responsio ad DB codice consulendum est moratus donec 2022
(And their response to the DB funding code consultation is delayed until 2022)

Debent teneri ad rationem proprie
(They should be held to account properly.)

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3 Responses to Quid enim est de valore pecunia pro pensionibus moderator ?

  1. John Stanley Mather says:

    Quid est hoc plus reditus post costs et incremento pretiorum

  2. John Mather says:

    what was the return after costs and does this exceed inflation

  3. Tim Simpson says:

    Hello Henry,
    Thank you for your translations…!
    Like you I heard that reported comment today from the Civil Servants.
    Nor did I study Latin at school.

    However during my business life the only Latin phrase I saw repeatedly was ‘Nil desperandum carburundum etc.’ It seems quite appropriate for your efforts in seeking to obtain reliable pensions.
    Kind regards,
    Tim Simpson

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