PRAG – lively up yourselves!

Come on PRAG people – you can do better than this! This photo-montage suggests some deep unhappiness amongst you!

The Pensions Research Accountants Group has much to give this world – so lively up yourselves and get your message out with a smile!

Song Meaning (from a rasta friend)

The meaning of this song is summed up by the first line: “Lively up yourself and don’t be no drag” – it means that when you are out and around other people, you have to look at yourself the way others do. If you’re bummed or a negative person, then others are going to pick up on that vibe and then not want to be around you. So, liven up your spirit, your personality…make it more positive, upbeat and people will want to be around you. If you are negative, in a bad mood, bummed, whatever…you’re going to be viewed as ‘a drag,’ and no one is going to want to be in your presence.

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  1. Derek Scott says:

    Yes, Henry, as a member of PRAG I watched live the virtual AGM followed by the Winter Meeting on Wednesday morning, and there was definitely little in the way of cheer. Mind you, I’ve seen similar glum faces among pensions administrators in other virtual meetings recently to discuss the latest court decision on GMP equalisation.

    I do hope pensions people find time in December to hold virtual parties to celebrate the Christmas season. In the case of my own scheme “the Christmas lunch” has always been at least one time in the year when I think I remember to thank profusely the admin team for going the extra mile, as so many have certainly been doing WFH since March this year.

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