A call for DB consultation responses

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Morning everyone!

Today is the last day of the Pension Regulator’s consultation on its proposed DB funding code. This blog has been privileged to feature some expert comment and one or two responses.

It would be good to feature more.

If you wish your response to the consultation to be in the public domain and part of the ongoing debate following today’s closure, please send me it in word to henry@agewage.com

I am open to all offers and promise that (subject to there being no defamation) I will publish unedited.




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  1. Peter D Beattie says:

    Henry. Will those of us trapped in the Financial Assistance Scheme under FAS/PPF get any sort of a hearing. Such as the unfair rules excluding indexing prior to 1997 and its late start in May 2004? Also the fact that the DWP refuse to talk to the PAG or negotiate in any way!

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