Back on Lady Lucy

Lady lucy front

Throughout lockdown, Lady Lucy has been on her moorings, unused and isolated. This morning I am travelling down to Hurley to take her out with a group of people I do not know. I  am incredibly nervous. Indeed, sitting here in London, I would rather put off this partial return to normality another weekend, as I have been doing each weekend since lockdown restrictions were lifted.

It make me realise how little confidence I have in dealing with matters outside the circumscribed world Stella and I have created for ourselves in London.

It is very difficult to imagine I could have got this way, but such is the impact of the pandemic.

But if today goes well, there will be a tomorrow on the boat and there are other parties booked for later in the year.

Maybe the new normal will include the delights of the world we have forsaken these past six months.

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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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2 Responses to Back on Lady Lucy

  1. John Mather says:

    Henry, You are nuts. How can you possibly keep 2M with people you don’t know? This Pandemic will still be with us during 2021 get used to it this is an L of a recession Look at Japan over the last 30 years
    Keep safe


  2. John Hutton-Attenborough says:

    Hi Henry,
    It is such a tough decision but you will be outside with the wind in your hair and if necessary you can always wear a mask.
    I too find it very difficult to know which is the best way forward but also come from a generation where death happened from disease, pneumonia, war and it was “accepted”. It happened and people just got on with “it” and life. I am not complacent but also believe that for mental health reasons “carrying on” is important and I have faith as I know you do that the NHS have greater knowledge on how to deal with Covid than 6 months ago. If I get it then fingers crossed I recover and recover well. A great friend has just suffered a bad stroke which will make life very difficult for him and his family possibly for the rest of his life. A reminder that there is other stuff out there as well and perhaps having fun will be a great tonic for your wellbeing as well. Enjoy the day and many thereafter. John

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