AgeWage is now authorised by the FCA.

FCA Agewage

Getting regulatory permissions for AgeWage has been a journey for both AgeWage and the FCA. We are a firm  offering guidance to our customers on the  value of their pension pots,  and we make arrangements for them to take decisions about their retirement finances.

We are the first firm to commit to the assessment  of value for money as a means to assist savers and employers take decisions about their pension provision.  We would like to thank the FCA for going on this journey.  Ultimately we have found common purpose in Purg 8.28

The provision of purely factual information does not become regulated advice merely because it feeds into the customer’s own decision-making process and is taken into account by them.

We are an internet only service and offer a web-app that can be accessed at

Currently we are conducting a trial with the FCA in the FCA’s sandbox. We are restricted in what we can do within the sandbox.

FCA restrictions

If there is anything you want to talk about or complain about, please do so to me – Henry Tapper.

FCA Agewage complaint

AgeWage is about a new way of doing things, a way that puts transparent information in the hands of people who want to know what has happened to their pensions and to carry out their business as efficiently as possible.

We are not an advisory business , though we understand the need for advice and promote good advisers when needed.

We strongly believe that having saved your money over the years, you have the right to meaningful information about it. We believe that most people could and should take decisions about how much they save, when they stop working , how they organise their pension pots and how they spend them using their own resources.

We are partnering within the sandbox with Pension Bee who will be our default aggregator, the Better Retirement Group who will be our default source of individual financial advice and Retire Easy who will provide cashflow modelling for those working out what they can afford to retire on.

You are very welcome to join us in the trial, we are limited to 300 trialists but there are still a few spaces left.

You can trial this new service for free at


agewage dashboard

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  1. Brian G says:

    Congratulations on getting to this stage. A long way in such a short period of time

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