Bloomberg calls the UK and Europe to account on local lock downs

Do they mean us?

Remember how Derek Jamieson used to make us laugh with the quaint views of overseas journalists who didn’t quite get Britain. Well this blog is deadly serious and while it is focusing on us,  it is pointing to a global issue, the link between the impact of the pandemic and the prevalence of deprivation,

The mighty Bloomberg , talking to the world, has curated a series of micro-blogs to twitter that tell a sad and disturbingly familiar story about the spate of local lock downs experienced across Europe. No doubt the message will not be lost on those in America, mindful of recent events at home. Here is the thread in full, you can read it on twitter here.














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  1. DaveC says:

    Bloomberg pointing out how useless governments of all leanings have been in addressing inequality over the last 50 years as the wealth gap grows ever larger.

    Thanks for stating the obvious Bloomberg.

    Tomorrow’s news, the sky is blue.

    Why don’t they call out crony capitalism? I wonder.

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