Making My Money Matter – all a little bit polite.


It didn’t feel like winning, it didn’t feel like losing. The launch of Making My Money Matter has just over 500 attendees and featured accomplished performances from Richard Curtis, Mark Carney, Helen Dean, Gillian Tett , Tanya Steele and Russel Picot.

Everyone spoke well and there was a chance for pre-selected questions to be answered but something was missing. I realized what it was when I pressed on Quietroom’s video. What was missing was the passion of the people speaking from outside the tent.

This is going to be the challenge for MMMM.  In terms of PR, the event has not registered, even in the pensions trade press.

If you google My Money Matters this morning , the listings are headed by an enterprising IFA whose website leads insidiously to a data capture not to Making My Money Matter but to the servcices of The Path Financial Ltd, Watch Oak, Battle, TN33 0YD.

There is no story, there is no protest, it is all feeling a little over-sponsored and underwhelming.

What is the call to action?

There are three calls to action on the MMMM website but they are going to need to be a lot louder than they are right now for this campaign to catch alight.

You can sign their petition ,

Together, we call on all UK pension funds to put people and planet on a par with profit when investing in our pensions.

Unfortunately doing so triggered me subscribing to an MMMM newsletter and I’m not clear who I’ve petitioned and how our call is going to influence UK pension funds to change their behavior.

You can share the campaign

This link allows you to send tweets mentioning up to ten pension providers which include (bizarrely) AXA, but don’t include L&G, Aegon or any of the 42,000 occupational pensions that don’t have master trust authorization.

Sorry to sound a little less underwhelmed but I don’t see anything in these calls of action that is going to catch the popular imagination.

This campaign is competing against some pretty powerful grass roots campaigns such as #BLM . It is going to have to speak with considerably more conviction and power than it has so far if it is going to extend the argument beyond the 500 who tuned in yesterday.

You can email your employer (or pension provider)

Here’s the text

Dear employer,

I’m getting in touch about my workplace pension. I’d like to know what impact our pension investments are having, and if that impact is aligned with our organisation’s values?

Through our pension fund we could be investing in things like fracking, arms, and tobacco. I think it’s important we find out if this is the case.

Can you tell me where our workplace pensions are invested and what they’re doing for the world? And could you let me know what alternative options might be available to us to make sure our pensions are helping create a world we want to retire in to?

If you’d like to find out more about how we could have this conversation please visit Make My Money Matter.

I appreciate your support and hope this conversation will lead to our organisation having a pension we can all be proud of.

Thank you,

there is a variant to the pension provider you can access here.

How will MMMM prosper?

It is going to have to tap into the deep wells of passionate support for change in a way that Greta Thunberg has and yesterday’s launch didn’t.

There appear to be a number of PR agencies and communication specialists on board but beyond the Quietroom video, I don’t see much on the MMMM website that is going to get people moving. The under thirties I introduced to the launch tell me the same.

People are going to have to buy into Richard Curtis and Mark Carney for this to happen and the two star turns are conspicuously absent from this blog because I have very little I can remember from what they said yesterday which I haven’t heard many times before.

So what can I share with you this morning?

I wrote this down because it was repeated throughout the morning, I believe the source is an article on

Your pension, savings or investments could have 27 times more impact on your carbon footprint, compared to all other activities combined.
I could also share the blog of Nossa Capital, which is integrated into the MMMM website. But I’m not going to because it is infact a call for you to subscribe to Nossa Capital’s newsletter.
I want to share with you my passionate belief in the power of people to make our money matter. But I do not feel that this campaign has reached out beyond the 500 or so who logged on to the webinar.  I will continue to promote the campaign with what reach my blog has, but right now I feel it has yet to find its spark.


Right now it all feels a little too polite


Remember what we’re up against

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